Hello! I'm Nir and I'm a graphic designer from Tel-Aviv. My major interest at the moment is programming and designing websites in order to create unique digital identities.

I would love to collaborate on new projects ranging from simple websites to complex digital experiences, with emphassis on smart concepts, playful storytelling and bold interactions.

I graduated from the Visual Communication department in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2016. After My graduation I worked at Kayma for 5 years. In september 2021 I started my own practice of web design and development.

Contact me at nirsh5@gmail.com.
If you like to see some more stuff, check out my random snippets site. Salamat!

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Nir Shaked

Khen Shish (art dir w/ Tali Liberman + dev)

Micaela Terk (art dir w/ Micaela Terk + dev)

Goodbye Books (des+dev)

Ron Asulin (des+dev)

Kayma Playground (des+dev)

Athena (des+dev)

69 Dreams (des+dev)