Hello! I'm Nir and I'm a graphic designer from Tel-Aviv. My major interest at the moment is programming and designing websites in order to create unique digital identities.

I would love to collaborate on new projects ranging from simple websites to complex digital experiences, with emphassis on smart concepts, playful storytelling and bold interactions.

Check out some of my Random Snippets. Feel free to contact me at nirsh5@gmail.com.

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Nir Shaked

Journal (des+dev)

Hive Stories (des+dev)

Khen Shish (art dir w/ Tali Liberman + dev)

Micaela Terk (art dir w/ Micaela Terk + dev)

Goodbye Books (des+dev)

Ron Asulin (des+dev)

Kayma Playground (des+dev)

69 Dreams (des+dev)